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About Honors Gran Jewelry

Susan H. Maxon, the creative force behind Honors Gran Jewelry, traces her passion for silversmithing back to her childhood in Phoenix, Arizona. Raised just across the street from the renowned Arizona silversmith, Gran Minor, Susan was exposed to the art of silversmithing from a young age.


Gran Minor, entrusted with passing on the fading art of silversmithing to young Navajo apprentices, became a pivotal figure in Susan's journey. From the tender age of 4, Susan would eagerly visit Gran's studio every day, absorbing the craftsmanship and techniques unfolding before her eyes.

Antique hammer used in jewelry making

The Beginnings 

Despite her small stature, Susan's determination and curiosity knew no bounds. Instead of partaking in typical childhood activities, she would retreat to her room, crafting bracelets and rings from strips of metal salvaged from cans of Planters Peanuts. Armed with a tiny, handmade metal hammer passed down from her father's childhood, Susan began to hone her skills and unleash her creativity.


The name of her company, Honors Gran Jewelry, pays homage to the mentor who ignited her passion for silversmithing. To this day, Susan continues to wield that same tiny antique hammer, a symbol of her unwavering dedication to her craft and the legacy of Gran Minor.


At Honors Gran Jewelry, each piece is infused with Susan's lifelong love affair with silversmithing and her commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. From ancient Egyptian and Art Deco-inspired designs to custom made creations that tell your unique story, every piece embodies Susan's vision and expertise.


Join us on a journey through time and tradition as we celebrate the artistry and beauty of Honors Gran Jewelry.

We invite you to visit our studio in Dunedin, where you can explore our collections or discuss a custom piece. Whether you are looking for something specific or just want to see what catches your eye, we are here to help you find something truly special.

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